About Maria Bauer

Into sustainability research since 2009

About Maria Bauer

Co-Founder and CEO of Sustainical

Integrating sustainability across business processes leads to knowledgeable individuals and valuable businesses.

We are in the midst of an unprecedented era in which data, technology and human consciousness are merging in a unique way. Our decisions and actions today have enormous long-term implications for future generations. Fortunately, by making many simple choices, we can make our lives and the lives of others more stable and enjoyable.

At sustainical, we envision a world where innovation prioritizes social, environmental and ethical values and transforms and strengthens social, technological and economic ecosystems. Combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and open source in our interconnected and technologically rich world, companies and individuals can move towards sustainability models beyond today’s perceptions.

I have accompanied this change in the economic landscape for more than 20 years in the areas of education, digitalization projects, setting up and reorganizing processes, guiding innovation teams and selecting standards, technologies and methods that are aligned with one’s own goals and the respective industry.